Efzin – Crete

Listing ID: PROP-003


Great care has been taken in their architectural design, moreover only the highest quality and technologically advanced materials have been used in these luxury constructions. With beautiful, comfortable, airily, and naturally lighted living spaces which combine comfort with functionality and finesse in a minimal, modern style for a pleasurable and comfortable lifestyle. The villas include independent in-floor heating, air-conditioning system, solar systems, security system, and alarm system. In addition there is a central cleaning system, the exterior window and door frames are aluminum and not only rotate but also recline, there are filtered triplex windows with thermo brake system, and a double facing fireplace. In addition, the flooring is made of marble, wood and Italian ceramic tiles, while the interior staircases are granite and wood. The kitchen fittings are Italian with fitted electrical appliances and side by side refrigerators. The large bathrooms include bathtub and Jacuzzi cabin. In the bedrooms and guestrooms there are glass and mirror wardrobes. Furthermore, on all floors there are dry ceilings with hidden lighting and beautiful Swarovski light fixtures. The surrounding balconies and verandas are very spacious so that one can enjoy the magical view. The exterior yards are tree planted and bordered with stone walls at different levels, there are stone steps throughout both side lengths of the property. Moreover, there is an automatic watering system, generator, lightning protection system, water tanks, parking area, barbeque area, and large swimming pool for children and adults with a surrounding wooden floor for games and relaxation. All living areas are very spacious, with a great number of auxiliary rooms.



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