Villas front of the sea-at Peninsula Athos

Listing ID: 8-H+L-022



Holiday houses by the sea.

This is a unique holiday house investment. These group of three houses built in a complex are all designed to meet the highest building standards, with respect to the unique environment and special cultural tradition of the location.

Here, you will be able to enjoy the unspoilt landscape of the peninsula of Athos, the clear blue waters and the sandy beaches. From here you have easy access and transport to Mt Athos and to all archeological places in Halkidiki. The virgin nature and the hospitality of the locals turned this place into an ultimate destination for relaxation away from the buzz of the cities.

The construction of these houses is a perfect example of contemporary architecture conformity with nature, where each house offers luxury interiors plus stunning sea view. The very bright and spacious room layout together with the attractive outdoor green area arrangement will create a home like feeling. The lovely verandah completes the picture of coziness.



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